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Beta is now ONLINE! Download the new system!

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We have installed the best anti bot protection ! 100% antibot no adrenaline or any other kind of bots will be able to log in our server!

I have added new links to download the game client antharas 2.7 :

1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eRKKx_SVI8GmBiZO5rh_KuO_JkJTwAAJ/view

2. https://mega.nz/#!EOgDRIQY!iNQUfhjZ_Yorngu0__c5aREBhb_eRyjLa91ZEIC5mbw

3. https://fex.net/get/420587283191/745600095

link for torrent : 

1. http://l2zaken.net/l2zaken.torrent

If you already have the antharas chronicle just download our system from :

1. https://mega.nz/#!USJClKxb!zmvsNKEOLzjFUlqr6aXssHkEmtXMCRZZXzo7n5Bb8BQ

2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dC-UJ7GxDHig4CaFF281Y2_djyRH_g0G/view?usp=sharing

3. https://fex.net/get/420587283191/745597890

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