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  1. Before i start i want you to see my way of thinking Mages are the best class for everything- good for oly/aoe/solo exp/mass pvp/solo pvp/event they got ranged attacks that 99 % always land and they cast it every half second or a second, there is no unique build to them and everyone can play them which is the worst part that they are so easy to play and you only need gear which all classes need (lol), their pets hit as hard as they do ( today i received a 4,5k from a necro pet and im in full a grade with defensive buffs lvl 79), i think that even stats on the server can prove it, older players allready rerolled to summoner or nuker(mostly necro). And yes i dont play mages/summoners myself, i play dagger th and gh. And i do find it kinda unfair that my skills first of all gotta be close range so i have to run towards my opponent cuz shadow step 1 min reuse, i have longer reuse, HAVE to be from the back to land or to even do any dmg, and then i have to pray to god that i will land a double crit or a half kill, and still my dmg is usually lower, so why should anyone even play daggers? Balance should work usually like this - ok you have some restrictions to your skills like gotta be close range and only from the back so we will give you bigger power so it will make sense, ok so your skills are fast and long range without any restrictions so we should give you lower dmg to balance things out, but that is not the case. I tested few things and i see that i miss a lot of blows even with focus death and mortal 37 % in wep, its harder then ever to land a backstab, even when i have a tank while exping and im perfectly behind my target i miss 3 backstabs out of 4, even when i do land a blow it does usually 1k to 2 k, to any class and any lvl (with normal gear ofc) I don't want anything to be nerfed or boosted without further testing, but i at least want people to acknowledge it and test these tings themselves, i dont know about other melee classes and how to they perform ( but based on my observations its not good either), im willing to go and do all kinds of tests with my gh and th if anyone wants. If you disagree feel free to comment and tell me why i am being mistaken, im willing to have civilised conversation. cheers!
  2. Hello, could you consider making cloaks tradable? I bought it for a lot of money and now i just realised it is not tradable
  3. So my questions is, how does premium works, now i have 17,5 xp rate on my 69 char, so if i buy premium how will 1.5 xp work? how much more xp rate will i have?
  4. So i heard that some people got banned for using macro and even 1 or 2 guys told me it is cheating So my question is, is it really bannable? I mean it is an in game feature, i dont use any third party software and only the stuff in the game so is it possible to get ban just for in game macro?
  5. Pm me offers and how long will it take from lvl 20++ till i dont know maybe 78 or lower.
  6. Just like the title says, i can also log 3 boxes for easier farm, if anyone is interested then pm me, cheers!