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  1. Hello, Have a quick question please. What is the penalty for dissolving an alliance here on the server? Usually it is 10 days penalty until you can join one. I'm looking for an answer. Thanks
  2. Party matching is used to find other people to party with....funny that This can be very useful rather then shouting in Giran you can enable this this will show up for all the players no matter where they are in Lineage. Why should you use Party matching? No more time wasted shouting in town. Every player can see you are looking for party. You can set the minimum and maximum level requirements for players that want to join your party. You can see the classes of players entering your party room and pick the best class for your party. You can recruit party members or replacements from the waiting list. This sounds amazing! How do I use it? Start with typing /partymatching in your chat window. This will bring up the window below. Now lets talk about some of the features in this window. You can see currently there is one person looking for party...if it was a proper party however this person is just using it as another avenue to advertise in the hopes of buying EAC. You can see the party title, leader, location, limit of member's and off-course the level limit If there was alot of parties you would press next or previous buttons to move between pages List update basically is a refresh so it will update the list with new parties etc Auto Join will automatically add you to a party (i don't suggest you use this option...otherwise you could end up in the above guys party wanting to buy EAC by mistake How do you create a advert for players? So now you know the basic functions of the window above lets get into the fun stuff. To create a room click on Create Room Enter the title for the room (it pays to be clear so people know what you are looking to do) Number of players Level limit Congrats! You have now created your first room in party matching Now lets look at how to use this room so you aren't the only one in there! The Loot Distribution comes from your normal settings (system menu -> Options -> Game system -> Party Loot -> Random) The waiting list is where you can see if players are waiting to join your party (players will go into the waiting list only when the party is full. If the party isn't full they will show up in the list) Whisper means you can pm them Rm.Invite is inviting them to the room List update will refresh the list so you can see who is waiting Kick means you can remove a player from the group Invite means you can invite a player who has entered your room (remember just because a player shows up doesn't mean they have joined you need to invite them to join. Notice under the party membership it says "Party Candidate" Once you have invited the person and they accept it it will say Party Member Exit will disband the party room Now that everyone is ready to start going the party leader decides its better to go kill Elpy's but the party title still reads looking for players to farm event keys. Not a problem! To change this simply click on Set Room and change the room settings. And there you go the room has now changed from events to hunting elpy's. Do not click on the "x" to close the window as you will disband the room (same function as exit). Just use the "-" to minimize it. x = - = You also now are a walking advert A yellow Looking for Party will appear above your name / title. Hope you find this useful when you are looking for party.
  3. When the user hovers the mouse over the Body of Avatar inside the Skills window and inside the Learn Skill window, it can be noticed that the text is displayed with no logic at all skill Levels. Please note that the functionality has no issues.
  4. Since the start of the server I tried using the Party matching system, with no success tough. I barely find any players there. I'm asking if this function is implemented or bugged in the server, or people don't know how to use it here.
  5. Clan lvl 5, Clan Hall, Clan skills etc.
  6. SPQR guild is recruiting 76++ active romanian players We are a romanian guild, playing Lineage 2 since beginnings and also played other games together. PM Shouri or Texanul ingame
  7. CP LF Bishop / MM or SPH

    You can message me ingame if looking for Cardinal