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  1. dance of berserker

    why to be all fighters OP expect blade dancer?
  2. Missing EXP bar

    i wish i had the same problem and wasing my only one in this server
  3. EVENT bug

    event bug is that game says you was afk you dont take reward after event xaxxa
  4. Debuffs

    monster debuffs 1 minute silence you cant play mage here for farm , you should have warlord or spoiler 100% i dont like to play with this idiot classes why i am supposed to ?
  5. Cant Play

    download antharas client classic 2,7 and drop inside it the patch
  6. Server Features Enchant

    game enchant descriptions sucks inside game says that mage weapon have lower success than fighter wepaons kidding me?

    try clicking alt +p
  8. Hacking tools

    turn on all and delte trash and never drop your protections down
  9. New server

    i think he means that in server right now there are players with A+12 that can shot you one shot but C scrools are more expensive than it was at the beggining of the server so new players will never become good becouse old ones are rule the economy of the server and every day you lose ppl for this reason and from 5000+ you have reach 3000 and 2500 and steal droping ,i think you should very fast add C and B items at shops and with low prices or gives for 30 days c +16 weapon and +10 armor to new players and then they will expire and somthing else i would like to play only one character not to have a healer a buffer a spoiler and open 5 box make not box allowed and change the future to be more friendly for players who want to have just one good character becouse people when see boxes they recognise that 3000online players and 800-1000 and others are boxes and they really dont like it hope you do somthing becouse many classic servers have already start opening and you will lose all your players expect 10 donators which at the end they will stay alone ,also jail the pk'ers for 15 minute will be a good idea