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  1. yoyo

    fcking china retards gtfo stop spamming
  2. Damaged baium

    best way will be succes chance 30% when u broke it going 0 and scrolls like 1kk adena each and this will be stabile
  3. Damaged baium

    WTF is this chance for enchant broken baium? from 4 rings max was +6 succes rate 30%??
  4. Dark avenger fear

    check it out enigma
  5. Fear from da is 1/1 im 82 lvl all+10 full epic i tested this fear from da lvl 70 fear lands 1/2 76+ 1/1 fix it? da fear works 1000% better than necro fear DA is tank? not in this server its like dd...
  6. after 11h i came here again thone ppl are there? they are robots? or bot u can decide urself
  7. Clan holywar botting almost 24/7 in fi
  8. Hello dear gms sansan current new hero hard feed in oly so he will get ban or i leave serv ? there is no point for play even fcking oly when cant get hero cause of feeders PROVE answer me there or facebook:)
  9. wtf is this succes rate? i broke 1000 runes like this .. improve this succes rate