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  1. Skype Event Rewards 50 skype contacts+ = 30 Donation coins 100 skype contacts+ = 50 Donation coins 150 skype contacts+ = 80 Donation coins 200 skype contacts+ = 100 Donation coins. 1) Add us skype tittle "www.l2zaken.com x15 Classic 2.5 Zaken 28th September Grand Opening.Biggest clans will be there " 2) Make mass conference add all your contacts and add us(server skype) on the mass conversation (server skype = L2Zaken.net x10 2.5 Classic) -Mass conference tittle : L2Zaken.net x15 Classic 2.5 Opening 28th September -Add all your friends on the mass conference (including server skype = L2Zaken.net x10 2.5 Classic) -Write the text on chat: www.l2zaken.net Opening 8th June Classic 2.5 Zaken Update (newest files around) join us and experience something different new chronicle, many players and very good fights! Contact us on server skype for the reward or any problem you have.