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  1. clan dissapear lv5.

    Never mind. thank's.
  2. clan dissapear lv5.

    I just realize we lost the things in warehouse aswell D: fck me life. mats gone bloodcrystals gone recipes and parts of sets gone and i can't prove it because i don't have a screen of clan warehouse
  3. clan dissapear lv5.

    http://prntscr.com/ldyf2b http://prntscr.com/ldyfqb http://prntscr.com/ldyg1u is the only way i can post the screens
  4. Hi.. we are a bunch of friends from Argentina and Chile we make a clan lv 2 the first time and dissapear to the other day so we think ok let's do it lv 3 and see if dissapear.. yes it does. Yesterday we got it lv 5 and i spend money to put it full full.. we do arena we spend adena+bloods i will let some screens please help we want our clan back D: i can't insert screens btw