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  1. alt+b

    can we have option for sell items on alt+b pls?
  2. clan dissapear lv5.

    any way you can compensate who lost proof of blooods + adena?
  3. clan dissapear lv5.

    any news about it?
  4. clan dissapear lv5.

    and so far no gm answer, i pm enigma in game but no answer too, lets hope they resolve this bug and compensate ppl
  5. Clan desapier

    Hello, my nick ingame is Viriathus this is 2 time this hapen to me, i create my clan lvl to 3 and next day i found i have no clan, no sp, adena and proof of blood either. pls i need GM help, im new in server and is not easy to me farm "pob" all time to see my clan allways deleted. pls GM check this