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  2. i think admin dead. traffic accident
  3. admin senin yeni bir server açtığına dair şüphelerim var. 15x antharas classic hopzone sitesinde gördüm. bu konu hakkında bizi bilgilendirirmisin? bu sunucunun durumu ne olacak hiç ilgilenmiyorsun. yeni sunucu açtıysan bizde bilelim oraya başlarız. please use google translate.
  4. I need help login

    Hello, in the initial screen where you choose the server, clicking on one appears the message: "You have been disconnected from the server, please login again". Is there any way to fix this error?
  5. alt+b

    can we have option for sell items on alt+b pls?
  6. Hi admin, Ban the following bots pleasea: Moi and Moix. They are 2 spoilers in ant nest. Thank you
  7. I think 100%, because who is so stupid to chase a mob until get out of the area, behind me and several times in a row?, and stay dead on the floor for hours when they die etc etc Anyway, I'm tired of the topic, I see a lot of passivity with this
  8. Those are 99% bots, but You know You can right-click a macro and will loop, right?
  9. Man, i played L2 for many years, and i know what I'm talking about, if you use macros, you can response to chat, and if you die, you go to town or use ress, not stay on floor hours, and they hunt same easy mob all the time, then stay for x seconds after kill it and then next target and the same thing, they ks all time and if you ks them, they never say nothing, i go there and I kill the same monsters that they kill for a while and they then stay quiet because they dont have target to kill, I hit the mob that they have targeted and I run far away with the mob behind and them come chasing the mob far away too........ go there and see it for yourself if you want, anyway I'm posting this to admin, they only have to go and observe.
  10. they are use macro noob,u can use too. macro part of the game
  11. Hello, Have a quick question please. What is the penalty for dissolving an alliance here on the server? Usually it is 10 days penalty until you can join one. I'm looking for an answer. Thanks
  12. clan dissapear lv5.

    Never mind. thank's.
  13. Hi. Have Titan (Orc) there is key to "over the body." When used it reduces physical attack, then how should it be added. In the description of the skill says that there is a rise of + p. attack 10%. This is not happening but rather reduces physical attack.
  14. There is new pjs of the same clan doing bot there, safira, Gurotan... WTF clan
  15. All remains the same, bots all day in FP below GC... I saw bots in catacombs too... pj dead hours on the floor... any admin is reading this?
  16. bot sandıklarınızın %99 u bot değildir. macro . ben de macro kullanıyorum sizde kullanın
  17. serverin tanıtım videosunda minimum 1 yıl online kalacak yazıyor. inşallah bu gerçekleşir,emeklerimiz boşa gitmez.
  18. this is probably fake online
  19. Lol, it shows 1200 players online when no one can play
  20. Login server is working, it must be another problem.
  21. I do not think it's because of an update.
  22. Maybe the login server crashed, do you have some friends in the game to test if the client server it's online?
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